Rudd Zwolinski
Software Engineer


Zearn Math

A personalized curriculum for K-5 Math featuring independent digital lessons and small group instruction. Numeracy for All!


An iOS game designed to help strengthen multiplication and division automaticity. Developed with Zearn.


A (now-offline) iOS game combining the shoot-em-up and turn-based strategy genres. Read the postmortem.

Yule Pixels

A small animated pixelog made for the holidays. Free on

Studio Xfinity Fun

A suite of four games and activities to play at the Studio Xfinity retail store. Developed with BumbleBear Games and ESI Design for Comcast.

Other Projects

I have worked with companies such as Heartonomy, THIS IS POP, BumbleBear Games, and HappyFunCorp on various unreleased or otherwise non-public projects.